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Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra Dry Prasadam
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Mention your Name, Gotra, Native Place,Nakshyatra while adding to CART.
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  • Product -: Puri Temple Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra Dry Mahaprasad.
  • Weight -: Around 1000-1100 Grams.
  • What is there in the Box: 
    1. Around 20-22 Gaja/Pheni, 3 Magaja Ladoo, 5-6 Balllabha bhoga, 5-6 Tipa Khaja,5-6 Khurma and Lord's Sacred Tulasi Leaves.
    2. The Original Receipt of Temple Office of Prasad as a proof of authenticity of the Prasad.
  • How we Do it for You :-
  1. Once you place your order, our representative on ground visits Puri Jagannath Temple.
  2. Then Prasad is collected (Three Palm Leaf Boxes normally each containing 5-6 Gaja,1 magaja ladoo,2 Ballabha bhoga, 2 Tipa khaja , 2 Khurma. ) ONLY from the office inside the temple premise to be offered to Lord on your name, place and Gotra. Hard and soft copy of this receipt will be shared with you.
  3. Prasadam is handed over to a priest to do the puja for you on your name before Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra.
  4. After doing the Puja, concerned priest hands over the Prasadam to our representative.
  5. Once the Prasad reaches our office, we then do the packing in utmost hygienic condition. 
  6. The Prasad is first put into an air tight silver pouch to ensure that Prasad inside the pouch does not come in contact with air and moisturizer during transit. Then this sealed pouch is put into the traditional Palm-Leaf Box (“Talapatra Bhogei” in Odia language). The bhogei is further wrapped with other cushioning package materials like bubble wrapper and other covers before being put into corrugated box. 
  7. Please note that orders will be sent in Air Express Mode like BlueDart, Fedex and Speed Post. 
  • About Maha Prasad: Puri is one of the four Main Dhams in India for Hindu. Lord Jagannath is considered as the Live Deity. He along His brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Lord Subhadra are being worshipped in the Puri Temple. Every Year his devotees from different parts of India and the world visit Purr in large numbers to have a darshan of the deities and take away his dry Mahaprasad along with them. 
  • Storage advice: - Store in Dry and Cool Place.
  • Please Note that -: 
  1. This service is provided to those devotees of Lord who are unable to come to Puri for Lord's Darshanam and offer the Prasad.
  2. Also we are not temple representative. It is a service by Ritikart to Lord's devotees to offer the Prasad on their name and get prasad delivered at their doorstep.
  3. Price mentioned above includes Cost of Dry Maha Prasad (Rs. 851/), Puja charges of the priest, extra safe packaging and Ritikart's service charges.
  4. We follow the packages of offering dry prasad that is available as per temple office.
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