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Shree Jagannath Maha Prasad Nirmalya
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  • Item -:  Puri Nirmalya Shree Jagannath Temple  Nirmalya Maha Prasad Small.
  • Size -: Small.
  • Type -:  Puri Temple Nirmalya.
  • Weight -:25 Grams in one Packet.
  • What is in the box -: 1 Packet of Nirmalya
  • About Nirmalya -:
  • Four hallowed shrines of Hindus are located at cardinal points of the Indian sub-continent i.e. Puri, Rameswar, Dwarika and Badrinath are believed to have been liked by Lord Vishnu intimately. It is said and believed that Lord Vishnu takes his bath at Rameswaram, meditates at Badrinath, dines at Puri and retires at Dwarika. Hence, the Puri Jagannath temple food Mahaprasad  is held to be of supreme importance.
  • Mahaprasad Nirmalya is prepared from rice dried up in hot sun in Kaibalya Baikuntha.
  • Nirmalya is also known as Kaibalya. Shree Jagannath's Maha Prasad dried and packed, used on all auspicious and sacred occasions. In spiritual recognition Nirmalya is equally important as Mahaprasad.
  • There is a belief among Hindus that if Nirmalya is given to a person on his death bed, he is certain to find a place for himself in the heaven after his death following atonement of all his sins.Storage advice :- Store in Dry and Cool Place.Place Of Procurement :-  Ananda Bazar, Puri Temple
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