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About Us

We are the group emerged first of its kind to promote the social and economical growth of the Artisans Community on global presentation of their products. Efforts have been given to search the quality artisans in terms of their expertise in the field. Promotion of their products through our wide network and recognition of artisans in the society is our main motto. Selective presentation of products through our site is only the step forwarded to our Motto and in continuous process to bring more group of artisans for their recognition in the society. Your support in dealing with us is direct booster in participation of social and economical growth of a selective group of communities in the society.

We are a small team of experts dedicated to help you buy Indian art ,craft and artifacts sitting at the convinience of home or office. We are committed to promote traditional rich art , craft ,cultural and spiritual products of India to the world.

To promote our rich cultural and spiritual values and traditions  , we have a good collection of diverisified products like Puja items , Idols , Spiritual Books , Astrology books and other books. Perhaps we are the only platform to deal with such a large collection of books. Odia Books are our usp. We have a great collection of Odia Books.

In our maiden journey , we are covering the traditinational ethnic authentic products originating from the state of Odisha. In subsequent steps we will be covering other states of India.  

Contact us:

Email : admin@ritikart.com

Phone : +91-88959 69747.