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Kansa Thali (Bronze Breakfast Plate) 07 Inch
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Depth - : 4 CMs And Diameter -: 20CMs

Material : Kansa (Bronze)

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Item -:  Kansa Thali (Bronze Breakfast Plate) 10 Inch  from Balakati,Odisha 

About the Product – : Kansa is a form of bronze made from copper and tin. Balakati and Kantilo in Odisha, are very famous in the world for the quality of Kansa Utensils that they produce using indigenous tools ,equipment. and traditional methods.100% handmade by craftsmen using age old and traditional techniques.

Material -: Kansa (Bronze)

Product Dimension -:  Depth : 04Cms And  Diameter : 24 Cms 

Color -: Bronze

Type -:  Dinner Plate

Weight -: 800 Grams

Ideal for -: Dinner And Lunch Home,Hotel And Restaurant.

Design Type -: Traditional Dinner And Lunch Thali.

What is in the box -: 1 Piece Odisha kansa Utensils Bowl 06 inch from Balakati 

Notes for Customers : These products are 100% handmade.  Hence there could be + 2-5% variation in Dimensions And Weight.However there is no impact on the great benefits of such products. And also no change in original raw material used to create such wonderful products.

Usage -: 

  • It is a kind of plate. It also can be used as a dish.
  • A Very Finely Carved With Beautiful  Finishing,Handmade Odisha Bronze Kansa Utensil 1 Piece Dinner Thali.Ideal for Home, Hotel Restaurant.
  • Traditional ‘Kansa’ dinner plate is perfect for serving the complete Indian meal.
  • Reviving ancient Ayurvedic wisdom through contemporary design.
  • Eating and drinking from alkalinising metals like ‘Kansa’ alloys provides wellness benefits .
  • Kansa increases intellect as is written in ayurvedic books.
  • It also purifies the food if the food is kept in it for a while and even cures acidity.

Special Instruction -:
  • Please note that food like pickle, curd etc should not be kept in bronze utensils.
  • Though it is wear and tear resistant but in extreme mishandling it may brake.

Induction Stove Friendly -: No

Microwave Cookware :- No

Other Instructions -: Same as suggetsed for Bronze Utensils.

Wash Care Guide-: How to clean Kansa(Branze) Utensils.

  • Use non-abrasive sponge for cleaning.
  • Use mild Dish cleaner detergents.
  • Use a soft brush or old toothbrush to scrub any hard to reach areas.
  • Rinse well with water.
  • Use a soft cloth for Drying.
  • In case of extreme dirt, clean it with lemon and detergent.

What is in the box -: 1 Piece Kansa Utensil (Dinner Plate) Thali of 07 inch diameter from Balakati,Odisha,India.