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Odia Calendar and Mini Panjika

Odia Calendar - 2018

A Calendar is a system which provides us the astrological and astronomical information about various social, religious, commercial and administrative occasions. Odisha is a place where people are very religious bent of mind and is known for its rich cultural heritage. For people of Odisha, Odia Calendar is an important handy reference guide for religious and astrological purposes to know FestivalsRashisphalas, Nakshatras, Auspicious Days and dates, Tithees, Zodiac signs,  Naksatrasand cover other astronomical things.For every household in Odisha and Odia people staying across the globe, Odia Calendar is the best reference Hindu astrological almanac. In Odisha, many Calendars are published by various publication press and organizations. Many of them are prevalent since last more than 100 Years. Just to name some famous Odia Calendars are Kohinoor, Radharamana, Dharmagrantha, Bhagyajyoti, Bhagyadeepa and BirajaHere at Ritikart, with our sincere effort, we have tried to include all possible exhaustive information (Compiled from various sources) into a Single Calendar so that it would be easy to refer by everyone for their required information. Moreover we have also included Holiday Lists (According to Odisha Govt.), Solar and Lunar Month’s for every dates of 2018 and also dates falling into Shukla and Krishna Pakshas.

Odia Calendar January-2018

Odia Calendar February - 2018

Odia Calendar March-2018

Odia Calendar April-2018

Odia Calendar May-2018

Odia Calendar June-2018

Odia Calendar July-2018

 Odia Calendar August-2018 

 Odia Calendar September-2018

 Odia Calendar October-2018

Odia Calendar November-2018

Odia Calendar December-2018

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