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Puja Blowing Shankh -Original Conch
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  • Title -: Puja Blowing Shankh - Original Conch.
  • Color -: White.
  • Material -: Original Conch Shell.
  • Item Dimensions -:
    • Small - Height-: 10 Cms , Width -:6 cms  and Weight -: 350 Grams.
    • Medium - Height-: 13 Cms , Width -:6 cms  and Weight -: 450 Grams.
    • Large - Height-: 15 Cms , Width -:7 cms  and Weight -: 600 Grams.
  • What is in the box -: 1 piece of Blowing sankha.
  • About the Product – : It Is Blown To Initiate Religious Ceremonies. God Vishnu Is Shown With A Shank In One Hand And A Disc (Chakra) In The Other. In The Battlefield (Kurukshetra) Of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna Is Said To Have Wielded A Mighty Shank Called The Panchajanya. It Is Believed That When It Is Blown It Announces The Victory Of Good Over Evil.According to the Vedic scriptures, the Shankha (Shell) is one of the most auspicious objects .It is also called the conch of the opposite hand. Keeping its head part towards oneself, its open part remains towards the left hand of the bearer of the conch. The left hand conch serves in making sound. It is regarded as the brother of the goddess Lakshmi and favorite of Lord Vishnu.
  • The vibrations that Shankh produces,purifies the air and is also believed to destroy the disease-causing germs in the atmosphere.
  • The blowing of the Conch works on the thyroid, muscles of the neck and the vocal cords too. It helps children and adults with problems with speech.
  • Before starting of blowing the Conch, you are advised to get in touch with someone who is in practice.