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Bruhat Parasara Hora Shastram By Pramod Kumar Satapathy
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Book : Astrology in Odia Language

Author : Pandit Pramod Kumar Satapathy

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 Title -: Bruhat Parasara Hora Shastram By Pramod Kumar Satapathy(Purva And Uttara Khanda)

Type -: Astrology.

SKU Number -: DGS1601.

 Availability -: In Stock.

Language -: Odia.

Weight -:1200 Grams.

Dimension -:22 X 15 X 04 Cms.

Number of Pages -: 620.

Publisher -: Dharmagrantha Store.

Author -: Pandit Pramod Kumar Satapathy.

Binding-:  Hard Paper.

Publication Year -: 2016 New.

About the Book-: This book is all about the Bhaba Phala Of planets in our horoscopes.It also describe the Rashi chart ,indicates the degree rising in the Eastern horizon at the time of the happening of the event.It also indicates the actual zodiacal positions of all Planets in particular Signs. At higher level the Ascendant indicates the quantum of energy that has been apportioned to the native for the current incarnation.Planetary positions as per their zodiacal positions relate to various past karmas and future dispositions. The chart is cast using Placidius System. Here the lordship of the house is decided by the actual degree rising on the cusp. Similarly the placement of a planet in Bhava chart is decided as per the longitude of the planet vis-à-vis the longitude of the cusp.