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Tulasi Das Ramayana- Rama Charita Manas in Odia Part- 2
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  • Title -: Tulasi Das Ramayan-Rama Charita Manas Part- 2 .
  • Type -: Spiritual.
  • Language -: Odia.
  • SKU Number -:S1022.
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  • Weight -:970 Grams.
  • Dimension -:20 X 14X 4CMs.
  • Number of Pages -: 976.
  • Publisher -: Dharmagranha Store.
  • Author -: Dayanidhi Khadi Ratna.
  • Binding :- Hard Paper.
  • Publication -: New.
  • About the Book -:Ramacharita Manas , is an epic poem.In Ramcharita Manas literally means "Lake of the deeds of Rama". Ramcharita Manas is considered as one of the greatest works of Hindi literature.  In Sanskrit epic Ramayana, centered on the narrative of Rama, the scion of the family tree of Raghu of the Sun Dynasty and the crown prince of Ayodhya who is also considered in Hindu tradition as one of the Avataras of Vishnu. The Ramcharita Manas consists of seven Kandas. Tulsi Das compared the seven Kandas  of the epic to seven steps leading into the holy waters of Lake Manasarovar which purifies the body and the soul at once. 

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